Higher education

The Australian higher education is at a world class level. The certificates that are issued in Australia are recognised worldwide. The Quacquarelli Symonds World University Ranking agency ranked the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne and the University of Sydney among the world’s best 50 higher education providers in 2019.

Every year more than half million international students set Australia as their study destination. They prefer this continent as the education is practise based / and effectively develops the students’ job readiness.

The education is module based which means that the syllabus of the different modules is built upon the knowledge that is gained during the former studies. The various sectors of the Australian education system are almost identical to the European sector. Elementary education is followed by preparing the student for a mature exam in high school which then allows entry into a university level Bachelor program. Following a Bachelor program students are prepared for further study within a Master or Postgraduate qualification.

Currently, approximately 600 thousand international students are pursuing tertiary studies in Australia.

Qualifications based on their general length

  • Bachelor – 3 years / 6 semesters/12 quarters
  • Master/Masters -2 years /8 quarters

In order to make an informed decision we would suggest you take a look at the list of the Australian universities based on their price here.

Those of you who gained a high school exam but do not hold a university level certificate can submit their application for various Australian bachelor programs.

Language requirements for Bachelor programs

  • Besides the high school exam, there is a English proficiency requirement which generally can be demonstrated by an IELTS academic 6.0 or equivalent TOEFL IBT, Cambridge ESOL or Pearson PTE exam result. However, this level might differ based on the requirements of your course.

Postgradual programs

  • Postgradual programs are higher education courses that you can enrol once you hold an Australian bachelor qualification or equivalent overseas university certificate or accumulated a certain amount of professional experience which is set and accessed by the relevant Australian professional bodies.
  • Another entry requirement may very greatly. For further information please seek assistance from your education provider or we can help you out.
  • The length of postgradual courses in Australia is from 1.5 years to 2 years. Nevertheless, we suggest you to enrol to a 2 year long course because upon completion you might be eligible for a Post Study Work visa (for more information please see the last section of this site) which can enable you and your partner to lawfully remain and work full- time in Australia for 2 years after completing your course.
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Good to know – Post Study Work visa

After completing a research based master level course, you might be eligible for a Post Study Work visa which can enable you and your partner to lawfully remain and work in full-time in Australia up to 3 years. In case of a Doctoral level course completion, you might be eligible for the same visa with the same rights up to 4 years.

The partner of a Postgraduate students who study full-time in a Master (either course work or research based program) or Doctoral level course is entitled to work in 40 hours per week. In other words, the partner of a Master or a Doctoral student can legally work in full- time during the main applicant study his or her course.

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