CTIC - Cass Training International College

CTIC takes a holistic approach to education ensuring learning is enjoyable and meaningful.

Cass Training International College educates and empowers students by preparing them for life beyond school. With over 25 years of experience this college is located within of the most iconic parts of Australia, Darling Harbour.

CTIC organises events like city tours, photography walks, zoo visits (eg: Featherdale Zoo) Culture Day, rock climbing, BBQ’s at the beach and much more!


  • General English
  • Real English
  • Cambridge English
  • IELTS Preparation
  • English for Academic Purposes


  • Leadership and Management Courses
  • Marketing Courses
  • Accounting Courses
  • Business Courses



Study in Australia!

CTIC English Brochure

By clicking on theabove picture a 21Mb PDF will be downloaded.