Steps of studying in Australia

0) Get in Contact / Contact with our office
  • by phone (+61 434 490 424) or via email
1) Selection of course and institution
2) Contact to the educational institution
  • our office will get in contact to the selected institution
  • the institution will be sending more documents as part of the application procedure. It is a little bit time-consuming process, and all forms need to be sent back to the institution in signed form.
3) Paying off tuition fee
  • after application have been accepted by the institution, the very first instalment of the tuition fee – or deposit – needs to be paid
  • it can be paid directly from the student’s bank account or through our agency’s bank account
4) Issue of payment certification
  • certification will be issued when tuition fee has been paid
5) Confirmation of Enrolment
  • after successful application and payment received, the institution is going to issue the CoE, which essential part of the visa procedure
6) Documents
  • collect all documents that come into mention through visa procedure, including documents that provide evidence of your former education, academic, and other achievements
  • detailed professional CV with contact details; name and telephone number
  • in some cases provide evidence of the change of the name; mainly for female candidates, etc.
7) Submitting a visa application
8) Organizing travel after successful visa application – Visa granted
9) Arrival to Australia
10) Enrolment to the school
  • participation in orientation day
11) Commencing studies

Study in Australia!